Dynatrace Nagios Integration

Dynatrace ActiveGate Extension integrating Nagios monitoring system into Dynatrace environment.

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  • Synchronization

    • Hosts information to Dynatrace custom devices, including Nagios host IP and monitoring configuration. A custom device is not created if a Dynatrace host with the same IP address already exists.

    • Status for monitored hosts and services in form of Dynatrace events. Filter for Nagios object status to synchronize:

      • Status is not OK

      • State type is HARD

      • Active check or Passive check is enabled

      • Notification is enabled for Host or Service

      • Host and Service is not in scheduled downtime

  • Filtering

    • Filtering on host groups

    • Filtering on service names via regular expressions list

  • Context information

    • Dynatrace Environment URL to link Hosts/Custom Devices and problems in Dynatrace with Nagios hosts and services

  • Problem metric

    • metric showing problem count for each device, only for custom devices

  • Nagios technology

    • Groups all custom devices from Nagios servers created by Nagios ActiveGate extension

    • The special group with the name Nagios Servers created. For each endpoint representing Nagios server is one custom device created there. Problems with endpoint are reported on custom device in this group, for example connection problem.






Nagios device groups


Host problems




Device details